Maid service

Maid services are a perfect fit if you looking for someone to help you for your upcoming event. In this modern day where nearly all people are caught up in their family, time is literally golden. People who can neither afford time nor effort should get help from a maid or helper. In Killeen TX or surrounding areas, a great choice for maid assistance is Mitchell Maids Cleaning Service. Our trained and experienced hands will see to it that your needs are met in the most Maid vacuuming carpetefficient and timely manner possible.

Mitchell Maids Cleaning Service is a cleaning company with professional maids based in Killeen, TX. For 2 years, we have helped both residents and commercial establishments achieve fundamental chores that they cannot accomplish on their own. At Mitchell Maids Cleaning Service, we see to it that your needs are met. We wash and iron clothes, clean dishes, walls, floors and rooms, wipe dust from furniture, upholstery, and decorations, and care for your lawn and pets. We are to meet all of your house cleaning services.

Our prices are competitive You will find no other local cleaning company in Killeen, TX that can give the same prices we offer for comparable service results. Mitchell Maids Cleaning Service also makes sure you get a fair and precise estimate by performing onsite assessments before giving any bids.

For trusted maid service in Killeen, TX and surrounding areas, contact Mitchell Maids Cleaning Service at (254) 368-1477!